Well, what we hope to accomplish is provide answers and a strategy for dealing with your financial problems. We want everyone who leaves our office to feel empowered. We want them to know that things are not hopeless and there is a way to a better life without the stress, fear and anxiety they are presently experiencing.

canadian pharmacy king In order to provide those answers, we are going to need some basic information. To help us collect that information we have a short form that is completed at the time of the appointment. It is a very short and simple form. We just ask for contact information and we try to get a concise picture of your financial condition.

canadian pharmacies that ship to us In order to understand fully what is going on, we need to know how much income you receive on a monthly basis and what your basic living expenses are.

online levitra One thing that is important to note here, when we are talking about your basic living expenses, we are not including any payments that you may currently be making toward credit cards, personal loans or any other type of unsecured debt. We want to determine what you need to get by and then we look to see if realistically there is something left to repay or settle your debts.

purchase viagra By the end of the appointment, you will have an understanding of what options you have and you will have a recommendation, a plan to resolve your debt and improve your credit. Then it’s up to you!